Shortcut to success

Since the past few years that I have started blogging, I have met and interacted with a number of people.  I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful and enterprising women.  These women are go-getters, enterprising, passionate about their work, and have evolved as successful women.  They didn’t become successful overnight, it took them many years to reach where they are today.

But lately I have been observing few women who want to attain quick success and limelight.  They want to get associated with celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, get clicked with them and simply want to get noticed, without having any noticeable work to boast about!  They make Facebook friends only to promote or use them.  There is nothing wrong in mutual benefits; but only using someone for their own benefit is totally unethical.

Promoting, encouraging, highlighting each other’s achievements is something that even I do.  That’s how women should do to encourage each other’s success and make their tribe grow and flourish.  But adding friends or trying to search for benefits all the time doesn’t work.  Eventually people start noticing the trait.  It’s a small world after all.

Sometimes we simply need to chill and enjoy without trying to look for business opportunities or scope of benefit everywhere, in every person.  Do flourish, be successful, but don’t use others as stepping stone.  Don’t use people as use and throw cups!  Don’t look for shortcuts to become successful..

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