Keeping us informed

One of the very early habits that I had inculcated in my children was to keep me or their dad informed about their whereabouts and try to stick to the time allotted to them. It started from the time when my son was younger and would go down in the building compound to play. I would ask him to be back by a certain time and most of the days he would. If he wanted extra time, he would come and seek permission or call me from the friend’s home. Back then he didn’t have a mobile. Now when both my kids have mobile, its mandatory for them to keep me and their dad posted about their whereabouts on our Family WhatsApp group or give us a call. The days its slips out of their mind I reiterate that they have to keep me posted and its about their well being. Thankfully, both my kids understand the importance of this and generally don’t falter to inform us or keep us posted. I think as parents its extremely important to inculcate a sense of responsibility in our children right from a very young age. A habit once inculcated remains throughout the lifetime.

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