Maa ka Dil

My son is currently awaiting his admission to junior college. This is the first time since nursery, i.e., since the time he began his student life that he has such a long break. Its just a matter of few more days and his college will commence and he will soon begin another exciting phase of a new life. Any waiting period is the longest period in a person’s life. So, my “Maa ka mann” doesn’t want to leave him alone nowadays. Its not that we both are chatting for hours or that he has stopped me from going out often or having fun. He is busy listening to music, doing his own stuff, sometimes socializing with friends, going for his drum classes, and so on and I am busy with my freelance work, writing, and we might be in 2 different rooms, but somehow I don’t like to leave him alone. Sometimes I might simply go and crack a silly joke or bore him with my childhood stories or simply give him a “teenage phase gyaan.” The smile or smirk on his face makes me happy and the bored or worried expression makes me sad.
We moms are really strange beings nahin? The invisible umbilical cord will remain till the day we exist..

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