Paying peanuts in the name of salary..

Women of this generation want to be financially independent yet sometimes due to lack of support system, family issues, or may be some other problem they are unable to pursue a full-time job.  In this generation of Internet and technology, working from remote locations has come across as a blessing.  Flexible timing and the flexibility to work from home lures many women and they are interested in such jobs.

When somebody posts a work-from-home job for women, there are hundreds of women who show interest and provide their contact details.  When they are contacted back and when asked about salary, its something like “4000/- for a 6-7 hour job.”  These are the jobs where there are no other perks, benefits, direct help from the office.  Simply because so many women are desperate to do something, is it justified to offer them peanuts in the name of salary?

In content writing and other freelance writing jobs, the writer is paid as less as 30 paise per word.  Do the employers believe that writing is an easy job?  A woman has some problems and hence she wants to work from home, taking care of all the domestic issues and many oppositions, and is ready to give in her 100% and what she is offered is just too, too less.

A dedicated 6-7 hour work with all the efforts put in deserves much better.  Since the number of candidates for the jobs is more than the jobs, women are ready to take any job which might offer them even 2000/- per month.

Let’s be more fair to these women and be more encouraging.  Let the job industry realize that if they need dedicated and sincere women to work for them, they need to pay them better or at least give them better perks.  Women in India as such have to fight many, many battles to prove their mettle, the least the employers can do is recognize their efforts in a more dignified manner rather than trying to cut cost and squeeze out more work by paying peanuts.

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