Communication gap between teachers and teen students..

When my son was in class 8, a teacher who used to teach him in class 4 often remarked sarcastically, “Look at you! You have changed so much since the time you were in class 4.” My son throughout his school life was appreciated for his good behavior, but again adolescence is an altogether different ball game. She expected his behavior to remain the same as it was in class 4! Most teachers are not equipped to handle preteen and teen students. But then there were teachers whom all the students hugged and cried during their class 10 farewell. Those teachers though strict understood the students of the higher classes.
Just as there is ECCD course for teachers to be equipped to handle the toddlers and nursery and KG students, there should be courses to equip the teachers to handle the secondary and the higher secondary students. I do understand teachers are underpaid, overworked, and there are terribly-behaved teen students and their parents, but then sometimes the teachers also try to handle the teen students like the KG students!
Our society in general is inept in handling preteens and teenagers. They are labeled rebellious, rude, arrogant, badly behaved, defiant and what not, but along with the parents the teachers should also try to handle them with love and a little understanding. My son’s 10th class teacher was a wonderful lady whom the kids adored simply because she came down to their level and understood them.
Also, with due respect to all women, women should take up teaching only if they are interested and not because its a job where they can get holidays with their own children. My own sister and few friends are teachers and I have seen them handle older kids with a lot of patience.
I write this today because I can see a similar pattern in the teachers handling my daughter’s class now. My daughter and her friends are now preteens and again few teachers are unable to handle the higher classes. I sincerely hope that the communication between the senior students and teachers is as lovingly as it is in the formative years.

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