Who gives people the right to abuse?

It was raining yesterday night.  Me and my daughter were waiting for an auto to go back home.  Since it was raining, there was scarcity of autos.  One auto agreed to take us home.  Just behind the auto was a car, which was continuously honking and the driver was impatient.  Just as we started our ride, the car driver overtook the auto, halted it, and started abusing the autowala.  He said, “Agar ladies nahin hoti, to tujhe dekh leta.”  Just as the autowala mumbled something, the car driver got down and came charged towards the autowala and without any warning kicked him.  Me and my daughter were scared by then.  But I guess the autowala didn’t retaliate because we were in his auto.  The man nonchalantly zoomed off in his car and the autowala embarked his journey.

Both me and my daughter felt extremely bad for the autowala.  Isn’t road rage very common in our country?  People don’t have patience or manners.  Despite heavy traffic, honking doesn’t stop.  The man in the car must be abusing and behaving like this with everyone, especially people whom he believes are below his standard.

Who gives people the right to abuse? Beating up people, lynching is becoming more and more common in our country.  Some people believe its their birthright to be abusive.  They don’t have an iota of remorse about their behavior.  Abusing poor people, women, children, elderly is the way of their life!  That’s how they are raised, that’s what they have observed throughout their life.  That’s what makes them “powerful”, they believe.

They believe they are above law and that they have the right to solve matters in this manner.

That poor autowala works hard to earn a living and support his family in this Maximum City, which as such is a tough place to survive.  On top of that, daily abuse by such people add to his woes.  If people can’t be compassionate, the least they can do is control the way they behave.


4 thoughts on “Who gives people the right to abuse?

  1. It is often those who are privileged who are unable to see Compassion and lose their cool over things like road rage or a perceived insult to caste, creed or religion.

    If they chose humanity over righteousness, the world would become a better place.


    1. Thanks for reading. You are so right. It kind of gives the person a feeling of “superiority” over the other person.


  2. Yes, I completely agree with you. Some people who have means think that they can control anyone or everyone. They seem to forget the basic values. If you can’t show kindness, then atleast don’t resort to show of strength.


    1. Thanks for reading. I find it so appalling that people think its their right to behave like this with others. They don’t have an iota of remorse!

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