Does the “Rajshree” family exist?

While surfing TV channels, came across one of the Rajshree movies. As in all Rajshree movies like Hum aapke hain kaun, hum saath saath hain, Vivah, etc., all the characters were perfect, too sweet, always had smiles plastered on their faces, were too “sanskari”, always in a celebratory mode, and everyone happy! Many people, including me in the younger days, cringed at these movies for being too “perfect and sugary sweet”.
Still these movies are a hit..why? Because like the mindless action movies, people know that these characters, these families are fictitious, they don’t exist in reality. Deep down everyone wants an extended family which has great relations, where people understand each other well, respect and love each other, celebrate everything together, and after all the differences unite and are happy again in the end. People wish that their families also were like this. I am sure still there might be such families, but I haven’t come across one.
Still I find these films a over-the-top in terms of sweetness and sanskars, but as I am ageing and as I have encountered the relationship realities these movies provide relief for some time at least..

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