Age is catching up!

Early morning the alarm rang and I quickly tried to get up.  “Ouch”!  the back hurt.  I had to slow down and then get up again.  While combing my hair, saw 2 white hair strands.  Hmm..  After a trip from outside, it took me 2 days to recover.  I sit in front of the laptop to write a blog and then defer writing.  On days, I feel depressed and tired without any reason.  Then I realize..oh my hormones are acting up!

Ten 10 years ago this didn’t happen!  I was raising 2 little kids, always on my toes, with not a single minute to rest.  Being in a nuclear family set-up, there were days when 24 hours would be less.  The kids were dependent physically on me for everything, but still I believe I had more energy to do things.

Now, the kids are relatively grown up.  I have more time to rest, to take care of myself.  I have a bucket list to do so many things, but then ageing has set in.  Despite taking care of ourselves, somewhere the body starts to indicate that things are not the same as they were in your 20s or 30s.  I suffer from an autoimmune disease, which again has been a big health spoiler for me.  This condition has no cure, so more than my body my mind needs to be strong to cope up with this for another 30 years or till the time I survive.

There is a lot of help and motivation from my husband and children to go out, to do things, to have fun with friends, to chase the unfulfilled dreams, and yes I am doing so, to the best of my abilities, but I wish I had the energy which I had 15 years back.

Life is strange.  When you are young and raising small kids, you defer things for the future, when the kids grow up, when you are more free and have time, but the age sets in.  I am a very positive person, the one who never gives up, wish the time went by a bit slower…

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