Why shouldn’t girls have fun without getting judged?

Yesterday I was in a sulky mood; blame it on the hormones or the weather😜So, me and hubby went for the last show (as usual) of Veere Di Wedding. It kind of served as a movie date night for the both of us😉 My main motto was to get entertained and that I got!

No, I wasn’t searching any “moral science” stories in the movie. It was only 2 hours of fun, treat watching Phuket, good costumes and makeup! Why are people trying to associate it with women empowerment I don’t know! Also, people who are associating it with urban women need to know that rural women also smoke bidis and use a lot more filthy cuss words. The audience yesterday was a mix of college students to couples like us to friends to a family where the women folk had pallu on their heads intact. I believe their “sankars” didn’t get “bhrasht” after watching this. The move is an Adult movie where the watchers are adults, so I believe the adult women know what they are watching and whether they would want to get influenced or not. In an age where kids know about “Game of Thrones” and other stuff, people shouldn’t be scandalized watching 4 adult women smoke, drink or have fun. Society in general is extremely judgmental towards women. I liked two dialogues in the movie where the girl says it doesn’t matter how qualified you are or what you achieve in life unless you get married. Also, the girls being under pressure to get married, to have babies, that “pressure” factor unfortunately is there.

The “good” and “introvert” girl in me deep down has always wanted to be free-spirited and sometimes bad-ass, and I am sure there are many like me who given a chance would like to shed all their inhibitions and simply want to have “fun”.

Just watch it as a pure entertainer and nothing else. Life has many problems as such and we don’t need to scrutinize or judge everything. The movie is a hit and its a proof that audience has accepted films revolving around female protagonists despite all the different reactions.

As Rekha said in the old “Khoobsurat” sometimes its only good to have Nirmal Anand (ironically Sonam’s husband name is Anand and on screen she interacted with a character Nirmal!!!)..


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