Golden Rules I Follow To Keep My Child Away From Cold And Flu

The weather in Mumbai is bad right now.  It’s extremely hot and sultry.  Its unbearable without AC in the indoors.  So, most of us after coming back from the scorching sun or sultry weather immediately switch on the AC and drink cold water.  The kids also do the same.

Right now summer vacations are going on and the kids are out in the sun playing, swimming, and enjoying.  My daughter is out playing with her friends and is at their home in the evening.  One of the friends got infected by viral cold and flu.  Kids being kids cannot be away from their friends and it’s not even feasible to ask the kids to be away from each other because of cold.  So, I insisted that my daughter keep a hand sanitizer with her and use it at frequent intervals so that she maintains her hygiene and the keep the germs at bay that could be potentially contracted from her friend.  Hygiene for kids is extremely important for me and with hand sanitizer and hand wash serve as hygiene solutions.

After coming back from her friend’s home and playing, she knows she has to wash her hands with Dettol hand wash.  It is a mandatory rule for my family that whenever they come back home from outside the first thing they do is to wash their hands using a hand wash.  This is a very important aspect of hygiene in my home.  It ensures that the harmful germs are killed.  Health and hygiene is the topmost priority for me and my family.

So, whenever there is any change of season where there is a high probability of getting contagious viral diseases from others I make it doubly sure that me and my family use Dettol handwash and hand sanitizer diligently.

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