My daughter and her “veeres”

Watching the promo of Veere Di Wedding, minus the cuss words or adult content, reminds me of my daughter and her gal pals.  They are childhood buddies who share crackling camaraderie, craziness, love and zest for life, are not scared to call a spade a spade, are vivacious and bindaas, and extremely chilled out.  They like to help each other and their other friends and like to stand up for them, they love pets, they take care of younger children, are extremely free with the parents of their friends, and are like long-lost “sisters.”

They have already made plans to rent a flat and live together when they start earning, getting a dog, and having blast with each other 12-13 years from now.  They don’t hate men or boys but wouldn’t like to be dictated by them either.  They want to continue living their life as adults exactly the same way as they do now.

I know when they grow up and become adults, they will have their own set of challenges, heartbreaks, and trying and testing times.  There is no girl in this world who doesn’t face the challenge of fighting patriarchy or forced to abide by society’s so-called “rules and regulations.”  They will be questioned about the way they behave, they will be asked to tone down their bindaas and bad-ass attitude, they will be lectured to behave like “sanskari” girls with their attire and behavior not going out of place.  They will be questioned about marriage as soon as they turn 22.  They will be chided for trying to behave like “boys”.

These little girls are going to grow up into strong-headed, confident, independent girls, whom in general, people still find hard to accept.  Moral values are questioned.  Love, respect, compassion, humility can be the traits of a girl who is headstrong, confident, and independent!   Its not necessary that a woman who parties or drinks cannot be a good wife or mother.

I simply hope that these girls keep smiling with happiness and some day realize their dream.  I love to watch their crazy antics, carefree laughter, and their bonding with each other.  I want them to enjoy these as grown-up women too.  Let them be the “veeres” till their old age.

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