Stay Protected Wherever You Are My Children

When my little bundles of joy were born, I looked at those tiny little creatures and was overwhelmed with emotions.  I had made a promise to myself that I will always protect them physically and emotionally.  They were brought into this world by me and as a mother, it was and is my duty to protect them.

I have always been very particular about the health and hygiene of my children.  Daily bath, use of hand sanitizer, washing hands with Dettol handwash after coming back home from playing or before having meals is a must for them.  These are the habits that I have inculcated in them since the time they were toddlers.  I have taught them about the importance of cleanliness.  They are actively into sports and carry Dettol hand sanitizer even in school.

Now my kids are grown up.  My son is a teenager now and my daughter a tween.  They have become fairly independent now and I don’t have to do their tasks, or I cannot be around them always.

My son gave his board exam this year and now is enjoying his vacation.  Last week he went on a trip outside the city with few of his friends.  As growing up kids do, they also had intended to do a lot of activities.  As a mother, I was obviously worried about his safety, his hygiene, sanitation.  Kids are so busy doing masti and playing that they forget to take care of skin protection and hygiene.

Thankfully, now my efforts in making them independent and teaching the importance of health and hygiene and cleanliness paid off.  Even when I was not with him, my son out of his daily habit used to wash his hands with Dettol hand wash before meals.  In places, where there was no water he would use hand sanitizer.  My children have grown up knowing the importance of hand wash and hand sanitizer use and how they help in germ killing.

As a mother, the promise that I had made to myself to protect them is being followed by my kids now.  A mother takes so many pains and efforts in instilling the right values and habits in her children, which once taught are followed by them even when the mother is not around.  This is because once the kids learn the hygiene habits and the fact that it helps them to stay healthy they themselves start following it.  I am so happy and proud that my children follow healthy habits now.

So, whenever my kids are out of my sight, I tell them, “Stay protected wherever you are my children.”


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