Not the conventional mother

Not making motherhood all about the sacrifices and tears of a mother, here is how I am totally “misfit” in that image:
1. I don’t force my kids to eat kaddu, lauki, tinda, baingan, I myself don’t like most of these veggies!😛
2. Since the time the kids have become a bit independent, sometimes I am the last one to wake up on holidays. I am not the “kitchen slogging” kind of mom! My kids can make their own toast and stop depending on me for garma-garam aloo ka paranthas..🙈
3. If my kids misbehave with me, I am not the kind of mom would shed silent tears in some corner of the house. I will give them a piece of mind, argue with them, cry in front of them and then have a tub of ice cream with them😃
4. I never ever ask my kids to make their classmates bhai or behen. Well..can’t the opposite gender simply be friends?
5. My kids are more flabbergasted to see me in a saree or traditional outfit. You know they are so used to seeing me in comfy tracks and tees😝
6. Instead of sneaking into their phones, I laugh at funny videos and sometimes “teen-zoned” jokes with my kids. That makes both me and them comfortable😉
But at the end of the day my kids still love me and have been raised well..😍

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