My child has specs, that doesn’t make him weak!

Today a friend of mine in the course of conversation said that her 8-year-old daughter is being bullied in the school because she wears specs.

My mind took me 7 years back when my then 6-year-old son started complaining of vision issues, not able to see properly from last bench, not able to read small alphabets from far. As expected, it turned out that he had power in his eyes, the left eye power being pretty high. As any other mom, I was shattered, questioned my own faults but the affable eye specialist told me that it was purely genetics and had nothing to do with diet or gadgets. My son, Ananyo, who was in class 2 then started wearing specs and it worried me no end as to how he would be able to manage as he was so young, his confidence might get shattered, he might be teased and bullied, he might not be able to lead a “normal active” life.

But as a mother I had to be strong. I never showed my apprehensions or any kind of sorrow in front of my little son and always gave him strength and confidence to face the world. To my little son’s credit he coped up with the situation very well. Yes..he was called “chashmish”, was teased, but his own strength helped him cope through. He had his days of struggle and angst but we as a family sailed through.

As the eye specialist had mentioned with growth his power would increase and yes it has increased, something beyond our control, but then life is not under our control always!

Today my son is a strapping confident teenager who is an avid football player, is in school’s football team. He is very confident in his skin. He has no confidence issues or complexes because of his specs..

Together we have won another challenge..



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