Letting go off the kids, the toughest phase of parenting..

One of the toughest things for a mother/parent is to slowly let go off the kids. We all know that one day the kids will grow up, they will fly out, and that’s what we want them to be, to be independent, confident and happy.
To all the mothers who get tired of cleaning the crayon-scribbled walls, messy homes, kids calling out “mom” multiple times a day, taking them to the park and sorting out the “baby” fights; these days go away. Eventually the kids learn to keep the home clean, do their own tasks, sort out their own fights, and handle their own issues. Yes, we as parents teach them to be independent and wise to take their own decisions, do their own work.
I am toughening up my kids, allowing them to venture out on their own. My strapping teen son takes locals and visits another city with his group of friends. I know he will not get lost any more. I know he will be able to handle any situation now. My tween daughter now chalks out plans with her friends, is no more afraid of bullies, and in no more than a year or 2 will be able to travel short distances on her own.
I have plans chalked out for my upcoming future for the dreaded “empty nest syndrome” but somewhere no activity, no plan, no travel, no fun can take the place of our children..

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