Tu kaun se caste ka hai?

Few days ago there was a such a great news when few Kerala students decided to keep the caste column empty in school forms. It was a refreshing change from the youngsters of the country. Wish the minds of the people was like that column which could be kept blank and no religion or caste needed to be written on it.

Picture this in most cases, an Indian doesn’t win a medal, a Haryana girl or Karnataka boy does. A child/woman doesn’t get raped, a Hindu or Muslim girl does. Don’t we already see castes and religions fighting for an upper hand always, still in the 21st Century?

When my kids are asked, “Tu kaun se caste ka hai?”, poor things are bewildered as consciously me and my husband who don’t believe in any caste or religion per se haven’t taught our kids the same. They simply smile back and say, “I am an Indian,” The next question, “Woh to theek hai, phir bhi kaun se caste ka hai?” Does it really matter? Of course for a lot of people it still matters.

A little girl is raped and killed brutally and still I see posts fighting over religion over this brutality..disgusting! My state/language/religion is superior than yours is the worst thing that this nation is fighting over. Till this stops, nothing is going to change.

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