The learning process


I was newly married then, being a Bengali didn’t have much idea about North Indian dishes. My husband, also a Bengali, but raised in Himachal and studied in Dehradun has more inclination towards North Indian cuisine. So, here I was just a few days after marriage and hardly having any idea about cooking and my husband asks me to make Rajma and matar paneer. I didn’t soak the rajma and just put it in the pressure cooker and despite many whistles the rajma was still hard. Matar paneer I don’t how I made it tasted terrible. My husband’s friend came over and both ate the food “chupchap” saying “achcha hai”😂I knew how horrible they tasted. Present day, 16 years into marriage,I make delectable rajma, kaali dal, matar paneer, and chole☺️This happened in a span of over few years and not in the first year itself. For me, it was a learning process.

This is just an analogy and example for all the new moms who say that they are bad moms because of unavoidable incidents that happen with their toddlers. Nobody is a bad mom, everybody is a “learning” mom. Parenting doesn’t come with instructions, its an everyday learning process. We learn from the mistakes we commit and try to better it everyday. So never ever say that you are “a bad mom”.

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