Don’t be scared my girl..

My 10-year-old daughter is already showing signs of puberty in her body. I have already told her for periods. Yesterday again I was talking to her about “Why periods happen?” She said, “Mom, I am a tad scared of the blood loss. I hope it doesn’t make me weak.” I reassured her that her healthy diet and physical activities will ensure that she remains fit and fine. She also confided how her friend told her that her mom showed her how to use a sanitary napkin.
Times are changing, mothers are evolving, girls as young as my daughter are no more shy to discuss about periods as they know its a normal process. We just need to reassure the girls that they need not be scared or disillusioned about periods. At every step, we parents are there to guide them and make them stronger..
Few years ago I had a heart-to-heart discussion with my son about menstruation and made him aware about it so that he can understand and be compassionate. Now I am preparing my daughter to actually handle menstruation without being bogged down or being embarrassed about it.
That’s why its said that a mother is the first teacher..

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