Traffic tamasha..

Cars honking at the cars who stop at red signal and follow rules. Pedestrians running and crossing the roads abruptly at highways and green signal. People slowing down and watching “tamasha” of accident or two people fighting right in the middle of heavy traffic. People not bothering about others and creating a huge traffic jam and fighting right in the middle of the road instead of sorting it out in some other quieter place. People not wearing helmet. People coming wrongly from the opposite side instead of taking a “U-turn” just to save time. People driving in high beam on highways and not paying heed despite giving indications. People getting off moving buses. People riding two-wheelers in the middle of the lane. People spitting out from moving vehicles.

Why can’t people follow traffic rules and etiquette? Is it so difficult? The same abide by the rules diligently when they are abroad. What’s wrong with us?

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