Syria, soldiers, poverty..are they the only index of compassion?

This week there have been many posts on the social media about Sridevi after she passed away untimely and suddenly.  She was an acclaimed actress who entertained people for decades.  She deserved all the praise, condolences, remembrances, obituaries.

But hey wait..there were few pseudo-intellectuals everywhere who kept on adding, “Why are we covering Sridevi’s death news so much?  Lets pray for Syria.  Lets remember our soldiers. Why was Sridevi cremated with full state honors? What was her contribution?”  Every time I came across such remarks I cringed.

Why do people have to bring Syria, soldiers and poverty in every post which is talking about someone or something else?  There is a time and context of everything.  We all respect our soldiers, we all are worried about Syria, we all want to eradicate poverty, but why should that be mentioned out of context when someone is posting an obituary or article about the late Sridevi?

Every news has its own relevance.  If you don’t like it, scroll down, don’t read, but don’t try to portray that you are the only compassionate soul on earth!  A Padmashree awardee in our country has the right to be cremated with full state honors.  A soldier’s contribution cannot be compared to an artist’s!!!  Both have their own contributions.

Its high time people stop being judgmental and bring Syria or soldiers in every post and try to show everyone else in a bad light.  Every person or every incident has its own relevance.

Give respect to everyone, every profession..


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