Important life skills..

This year will be a big change in my son’s life when he will go to a new setting, make new friends, meet different people, learn a lot of new things. This is going to be a lifelong process now. Till now he was in the same school, same set of friends, in the same environment from Sr. KG till class 10. Now is the time when he has to learn things that will help him for life long.
As my husband says and even I believe, apart from education one needs to learn certain life skills that will help the person throughout his/her life.
-Confidence. No matter what the situation is one should definitely have confidence in himself/herself.
-Body language. A person is gauged by his/her body language. It gives out a lot even if you are not uttering a single word.
-Being articulate. Presenting yourself/your views and thoughts to people in the right way is important.
-Being a good listener. One should not just be a good orator, he/she should be a good listener too. Listening to others’ point of view makes a lot of difference.
-Being genuine. People can distinguish between fake and genuine people, so no point being pretentious.
-Learning to work in a team.
-Learning to be compassionate and helping others.
-Dressed and groomed well.
-Never stop learning.

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