Social Media Mom

As I opened Facebook in the morning, as usual, there was a flood of notifications from various groups, mostly the mom groups that I am a part of. They were brimming with blogs, pictures, and sermons of various dos and dont’s to become a perfect parent. Some of the articles made the moms specially to feel guilty and kind of pinpointed that their parenting style was all wrong. Don’t hit the child, scold the child, be around them, try to understand their psyche, don’t reprimand them, don’t hurt them, don’t feed them junk, feed them freshly cooked food at all times, don’t fight, don’t cry, etc., etc., etc.
Thank God, I became a mom before the social media popularity else I would have been nominated as one of the worst moms by these standards! I have reprimanded my kids, been strict with them, given them junk, have given them food out of the fridge, have cried and yelled in front of them, and all this without having to made feel guilty all the time.
Moms are not perfect, they are humans! With the child/children, they also grow, learn, falter, make mistakes. Today when I see my children having grown up into good humans with their values intact, yes with their own set of flaws too!, I believe that I might not have been the most awesome mother but I have been a good mother, as all the other moms in this world.
Social media is both useful and harmful. While it imparts a lot of knowledge, somewhere it snatches away the spontaneity, it evokes comparison, it implies perfectness..

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