Couple Goals

The media is going gaga over the newly married celebrities and everyday posting their pictures and giving captions that how they give “couple goals” and how couples should learn from them.

There I smiled to myself. I married a man who earned only 8000/- when we got married, lived in rented 1 BHK in Mumbai, had no car, had no property. He was a man who was 1 foot taller to me. We didn’t have a lavish destination wedding, no expensive gifts, no foreign honeymoon; yet we were happy. Happy because we had no set expectations from each other, happy because we accepted each other with all our flaws, happy because we didn’t try to change each other, happy because a slice of pizza that we shared or the local train journey that we did together was exhilarating.

Present day, after 16 years of marriage, we are richer by experience, children and a bit by money, but still we smile with each other sharing a slice of pizza…

Couple goals are when you can smile with each other even after going through all the trials and errors of life..

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