We are Bengalis but..

The other someone asked my husband in disbelief, “So, you are a Bengali?” 😱
This is not the first time that we have faced this question. Any stranger after starting a conversation after some point always ask one question.  Where are you from?  I have always felt like saying that “I am an Indian”🙄. Anyways, I have always replied, “I am a Bengali.”  Pat comes the next question, “So, you are from Kolkata?”  Now starts the whole explanation part😀.  I can never answer this question in one line.  The thought-out reply goes something like, “Even though I am a Bengali, I have never stayed in Kolkata.  I was born in Madhya Pradesh, raised in MP and Gujarat, and finally in Mumbai after marriage.  So, you see I am a true blue Indian!”
My husband thanks to his unusual name and surname has to face the same question!  He again goes explaining, “Yes, I am a Bengali, born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh, studied in Dehradun and Himachal and now in Mumbai!”
The fact that we both don’t look like Bengalis adds to the confusion!!
We both are more connected to Gujarat and Himachal respectively as we spent our childhood there.  My husband loves his kadhi chawal more than fish curry and rice and I am more inclined towards Kathiyawad than Shantiniketan!😁
So, now when my kids gets asked the same question, they simply answer..we are Mumbaikars!  Else the explanation will go on…😜

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