Goodbye school

In 2007 we relocated to Mumbai again. With one kid in my tummy and the other reaching below my knees, I came for my toddler’s school admission before relocating. The school had a nice warm feeling to it. It wasn’t a big or hi-fi school. All I wanted was my son to learn, be happy and a school where I could approach the teachers. My son got admission in senior KG and his journey in this school began. This is the school where a shy little toddler learnt studies, made a whole bunch of friends, had bittersweet experiences with teachers, had few great teachers, learnt to be confident, learnt to deal with all kinds of students and teachers, learnt teamwork, learnt to deal with success and failures, had his crushes…
Today is the last formal day of my son in this school. Tomorrow he has his farewell. The shy little toddler that entered in the school in 2007 walks out as a confident, strapping teenager with loads of memories, friends, and some tears..

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