Those retro days


I often travel for events by Ola cabs and invariably or coincidentally the FM always plays the retro songs (now 90s is the retro), reminding that I am also a being of the retro eraπŸ™„.

Just the other day, the retro songs played were the songs of the time when Salman Khan was still not Tiger, Aamir Khan was still not experimental, Akshay Kumar was the Khiladi, SRK had just begun to attain stardom. The songs reminded me of my stay in Bharuch when I was still dreaming of becoming a doctor, when it felt nice when a boy paid attention (it still does😜). It was the time when finances were my dad’s headache and taking care of us and managing the home my mom’s! It was the time when watching Mumbai city in movies fascinated me (never knew one day it would be my home and an integral part of my life).

Those were the days when every other song was of Nadeem-Shravan sung by either Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan or Anuradha Paudwal. That was the time when Amal and Arman Malik were toddlers and Anu Malik ruled.

Now, Salman is Tiger, Aamir is experimenting, and I am the experimental mother who is trying to be a Tiger🀣

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