It’s my birthday!

When I was a child, the month of January was a month of joy and excitement for me; it was a month of my birthday!! Those were days of simple living where kids used to get a new dress only on birthdays and festivals and so I used to be damn excited that I would get a new dress! I would be excited in anticipation of the gift my parents would give me.
We used to live in a colony where kids would await the birthdays as the evenings would be full of fun, food, and masti. My mom would make everything from the scratch, right from the cake to the snacks, and in the evening all the hungry and tired kids would polish off the delicious food in no time! Those were the days when there was no concept of return gifts and kids would simply play passing the parcel, some more fun games, dance to the music of cassette, and bid adieu. It would be a fun day for the birthday kid but a tiring day for the kid’s mom😜
Over the years my excitement has mellowed (though very slightly, my hubby and kids can vouch for my nautanki), still I counted today morning, only 2 weeks to go for my birthday!🤣 I asked my daughter which cake they would get for me and warned the three of them they dare not forget my birthday (as if I would allow them to!!) On the face of it I say that “now I am not getting any younger” but my mind and heart are not in sync with what I say😬

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