A memorable road trip to Goa again

My husband loves driving but the Mumbai traffic doesn’t allow him to “relish” his driving.  He loves driving at 120 km/hr and that’s only possible on expressways or “good” highways.Goa car

Our much awaited holiday to Goa this year was planned on a short notice and we decided to drive down.  We had decided to start early morning to avoid the traffic and it was a rather good decision.  We started at 6 in the morning and within an hour we had crossed Navi Mumbai!

Road trips are not new for our family.  We have taken long road trips from Mumbai to Himachal before.  Few things when traveling with children that I keep in mind is to carry the required medicines, water, few chocolates, chewing gums, and of course a lot of good music in the car!

Halting at roadside dhabas is always a good experience barring the unhygienic washrooms.  That I would totally blame the lack of civic sense on people’s part.

Mumbai-Goa is a beautiful drive natural beauty wise.  We come across the Ghats, the greenery, and a lot of natural beauty.  Do keep Avomine handy if you have motion sickness.  It took us 12 hours to reach Goa with 2-3 halts in between.

We had made our reservation in Grand Hyatt Goa which is a beautiful and cozy property.  Unlike the other 5-star properties in which we have stayed in our Goa trips, this was a relatively smaller property but extremely beautiful one.  One more difference was that this was located on a bay and not beach.Grand Hyatt-1

The staff was extremely courteous and made us feel at home.  The kids indulged in some great kids activities.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the sailing experience by the Aquasail team.  It was my first experience of sailing and I must say I was not at all nervous in the ocean!Grand Hyatt 2

The resort had good restaurants too and we tried out some great new dishes too.  All-in-all we had an awesome three days of short break with a wonderful long drive and of course “stress-free” family time for all!


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