Maa, only you can do it!

Last month my dad suffered a massive heart attack.  Post angioplasty he developed lung and kidney complications and was in the ICU for 20 long days.  We all were worried about his health and condition, but the most affected person was my mom.  Though she tried hard to conceal her fear and anxiety, it was not hidden from us.  After all, her spouse of 45 years was in a critical state.

Thankfully, my dad recovered and is back home.  The doctors have given strict diet instructions, medicine and diet chart, and instructed a lot of rest for my dad.  Me and my siblings keep a tab of everything yet it is my mother who has the entire responsibility of handling my dad’s recovery as well as other nitty-gritty like handling the bank, finances, regular chores, and many such big and small stuff.  She also has to handle people!

My mom strictly follows the timings and diet chart come what may.  The wall clock might be late but not my mom.  She diligently makes food as per the doctor’s instructions for my dad, feeds him patiently.  She keeps an eye on the nurse who is helping her in taking care of my dad.  She takes him for regular check-ups and handles everything so well!

In the last few years my mom herself has undergone major surgeries including a knee replacement 2 years ago.  She herself is in her mid 60s, has health issues, but not once has she complained about her health or fatigue.  I know how her knee and back get stiff and how tired she gets, but she leaves no stone unturned in taking care of my dad.

I asked my my mom, “Maa, how do you do all this? ”  She smiled and said, “When such a situation arises, I believe we all get the strength to do it.”  I don’t know whether I will have the stamina, patience, or diligence like her.  It’s not easy, no its not.  But as my mom says circumstances make a person strong and then he/she has to do it.

But I would say again, “Maa, only you can do it!”



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