The healer with a magic touch

You must do the things, you think you cannot do.. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Where there is will, there is a way!  Shambhavi Chhugani’s journey is one such live example of this saying.

Her journey to the spiritual world started when she was all of 16 years. She comes from an erstwhile family of Bihar,where it was mandatory in her family to be spiritually qualified, as much as they paid importance to the formal education.  Her first tryst with the spiritual world came through reiki, nyaas healing.

Shambhavi has gone through many ups and downs in her life.  But she has always emerged as a winner. Its very interesting to sit and learn from her, the journey’she has covered to reach where she is today, the long hour hours she’s  invested, the hardships’s she has gone through. If it was anyone but Shambhavi, trust me the person would have given up.

After college, Shambhavi worked in Bangalore and later moved to Pune and settled there. Years later, She came to Mumbai and soon carved a niche for herself in the City of Dreams. She journey of achievements started from here.

Shambhavi’s journey has been very interesting and inspiring. She has been an accomplished Tarot Reader for over 18 years.  Her other areas of expertise are Colours Psychology, Logo Analysis, Space Cleansing, Vaastu, Switchwords, Doodle Analysis, Meditation, Healing through art and Dreams Interpretation & she is a Life coach to many.  She has won many awards and accolades for work with a lot of positive feedback from her clients.  She also specializes in Runes Guidance & Healing, First & Second Degree Reiki, Basic Nyaas Yoga to name a few.  Her knowledge has made a lot of difference in the life of many people.

As she galloped with love and confidence, Shambhavi made a mark in the hospitality & corporate fertinity,she partnered with big brands like JW Marriott, Renaissance, Oakwoad and Out of the Blue.  Shambhavi is also associated with corporates like Future group (Pantaloons), DLF, JLT, ORRA , Lavasa and L& T Reality to name a few.

Shambhavi has also been a part of the prestigious ELLE Carnival, held in Mumbai to raise funds for breast cancer patients and has been written about in their magazine.  This is the philanthropist side of Shambhavi.

She was also awarded as Grand Master in Tarot Prediction by Inspire Awards and later was also bestowed with a WOW Personality Award which is Winners of Worthiness, in Excellence in Tarot.  That’s quite a feat to achieve in such a young age!

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