Be happy in any situation!

Yesterday I met a pretty, vivacious lady at a friend’s place who later revealed that she was suffering from juvenile diabetes since age 6. I really loved her positive approach towards life and found her inspiring.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, around 5 years back. Its a condition which affects the skin and the joints and since its autoimmune its incurable. I was pretty heartbroken initially as I felt I was too young to suffer from such a disease. But then I looked at my young kids’ face, my parents’ concern, my husband’s worry and at my own life and realized there is no point sulking or crying over it; rather I should be facing it positively. There are days when the pain is excruciating, which in turn drains the energy or vigor to do anything but what to do! I channelize all this in my writings, raising my kids, my work, going to events, meeting people, gathering inspiration from others. I know I have to live with this condition till the last day of my life, so why sulk and live! Of course, all this would not have been possible without my 3 pillars, my husband and kids.

There are many people out there battling other life-threatening conditions, depression, emotional issues, but you look at them and you won’t even realize that they are going through such conditions. So, lets motivate and help others, gather motivation from others, and try to be happy in any condition.

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