My cherished trophies..


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In my school days, I was a very good student and a good singer too.  I used to come first in my class as well as in the music competition every year.  I used to win prizes but never won a medal or trophy as an award.  Students who won in sports were given medals or trophies but for some strange reason students who won in arts and music were never given medals or trophies, only prizes.

With every win I used to be elated but somewhere the longing for a medal or trophy always remained.  While my parents or I would say that I used to win competitions or come first in academics, I never had a medal or trophy to display my happiness or talent.

Years went by, I grew up, gave up the hope of winning any trophy ever.  Somewhere in between, I had confidence issues too.  I was not that confident and effervescent girl that I used to be in the school days.  Then post college, job, marriage and kids somewhere I totally forgot about that longing.  I used to be immensely happy when my kids won medals.  Somewhere the student in me was happy!

Few years back I started blogging.  It simply started as a medium of sharing my parenting experiences on various platforms, which I started taking more seriously over the years.  My blogging slowly started giving me some recognition too.  Many new moms would approach me for advice and also appreciate my inputs.

On the eve of Women’s Day this year, I participated in an event organized by a nearby mall and decided to sing on the stage once again.  With the responsibilities, my singing had taken a backseat.  I went on the stage and performed in front of a big crowd and heard the claps after many years.  At the end of the event, I was given a trophy!  Yes..finally I could proudly display a trophy!

I am the part of many mom forums out of which one mom forum held an event yesterday and I went there.  They felicitated me for being a Woman Achiever in the blogging category and yes I again won a trophy.  This was in front of many talented women who clapped for me and appreciated me.  I was overwhelmed!

Winning these two trophies in the same year once again made me realize that anything is possible in life!!  We tend to believe that life after a certain age is over but my long-cherished dream as a student got fulfilled this year when I turned 40!

Its never too late to dream or achieve anything..

10 thoughts on “My cherished trophies..

  1. That’s amazing! I’m so happy to see that you didn’t stop believing in the beauty of your dreams. 🙂 My blog of this week talks about this very thing. Congratulations and keep singing! 🙂 Do you know about the karaoke app called Smule? I think you’ll like it.


    1. Hey Isha

      Thanks so much for taking out time to read my blog and liking it. Yes, I am aware of Smule and would use it soon!


  2. So beautifully written. It’s true how we forget to live for ourselves after a certain age. Am glad you could achieve that dream of yours.


  3. That’s wonderful and inspiring 🙂
    When we really want something from our heart and work towards it, then nothing can stop us reaching our goals eventually. You are a live example of this fact.


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