Let the elderly be “cool”..

The other day I chanced to watch “Father of the bride” part 1 and 2 again. In the evening, The Expendables was re-running on one of the channels. Nice movies and one more striking thing, the lead actors were not so young! Those were movies with strong characters. In The Expendables the 60+ and 70+ actors were acting “cool”, fighting, running, holding guns, mouthing “siti-worthy” dialogues.
Why don’t we see older actors in our films doing so? Barring Amitabh Bachchan who is also relegated to doing mature “old” roles, none of the other older actors or actresses are given such strong roles. Is it to do with our own social setup and conditioning where the older people are supposed to behave in a particular “dignified” fashion? I remember my mother used to say that my Naani didn’t wear bright colors once my mom became young as it was not believed to be “appropriate” for the mother of a young daughter to dress in such a manner. The older people are only seen as respectable, elderly grandparents or senior citizens who are meant to do puja paath.
Yes..times are changing and the image of the elderly is also undergoing overhaul. But still awaiting a movie where all our 60 and 70+ actors would be wearing cool stuff, holding guns, and where the public will maaro siti on their dialogues..

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