Real issues matter!

So much furor, drama, discussion over working moms, stay-at-home moms, girl child, boy child, what not! Why so? Because we can afford to, because we are blessed with a normal life, normal beautiful children.
Today saw a handsome boy who was around my son’s age but his behavior was of a 3-year-old. He was differently abled, holding his mother’s hand like a toddler does. I became emotional remembering my own son who is of the same age but I can see him behaving his age, that boy’s mother can’t but she is raising him not bothered what people will think about her son!
We should realize that there are genuine issues in the world, people are dealing with real issues.
Fed up of this whole “getting judgmental” thing!

2 thoughts on “Real issues matter!

  1. So totally agree with you Ritika. I had seen some tweets on this issue by a “published” author; when I asked her why is she so bothered by this to comment on and on; she said “Her comments are just too outrageous to ignore”.
    Well – there are more cause worthy issues to hero, rather than picking on a 20 something and thats because she is married to a film star. Women pulling women down is so well done in our country!


    1. Well..people forget that those who are calling her judgmental are being judgmental themselves. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Its wrong to bash her simply because she is a celebrity wife.


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