Innocence lost..

Me and my siblings started our schooling in a small one-room school with an awesome couple, Koshy sir and madam, running the school. Those days the concept of playgroup wasn’t there but the couple did exactly what playschools do today, may be more. It was a modest room with only one blackboard and few benches. Sometimes we used to sit on the floor. Koshy sir and madam were an affable couple who would make us laugh, play as well as teach a few things in a very funny, enjoyable manner. They would themselves become children with Koshy sir rolling on the floor, making faces while we kids in our modest clothes, steel boxes (no fancy bags) and a plastic bottle would relish. Sir and madam would handle bawling kids alone without the help of any ayah or helper. They would clean the kids up when they soiled. Our parents would leave us with them knowing very well that the teachers would take good care of us. All this in a very small fees.

When I hear of reputed schools now sexually exploiting, harassing toddlers who know nothing, I really miss Koshy sir. Despite paying hefty fees, agreeing to every whim and fancy of these schools, the schools cannot provide love and security to these small kids who might even remain scarred for life.

Its been more than 3 decades, still I remember Koshy sir with so much fondness. What will the toddlers of these reputed schools remember when they grow up?

What that one-room modest school provided to us was a lot more than what the kids don’t get despite their parents paying hefty sums..

#keepthechildrensafe #scaredofkidsbeingscarred

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