Those golden memories..

 I remember I was young and naive when I came to know that you will be coming in my life, my firstborn.  Though nervous, I was elated.  I remember how I suddenly became a careful person from a carefree laid back girl.  I would never bother earlier if I hadn’t eaten on time or was wearing high heels.  I would jump in and out of the local trains.  I would eat roadside food without thinking twice.  I couldn’t live without my daily doses of coffee.

All of a sudden the coffee was replaced by Complan, the high heels gave way to boring flat sandals.  I would cry and feel guilty if I hadn’t taken my meals on time.  I would leave so many local trains just to find that one local train which would be “less crowded”.  I would not have a second look at the roadside paanipuri.  I would wear clothes which were more comfortable than fashionable.  All this for you my child but not for a single day did I crib as for me nothing was more enjoyable than you kicking and moving in my tummy.

I remember how me and your father cried the first time we saw you on the 20th week scan, how the Doppler would be like music to our ears every time.  I remember how your father would throw torch on my belly and see if you reacted (as read in some parenting book).  Do you recall how Maa and Baba talked to you, made plans for you, caressed mom’s belly to love you?

The Internet wasn’t so prevalent, so your dad and me would try to sneak in some knowledge from the office computer or cybercafe.  Every time we used to go to Crossword we would not cast a glance at any other section other than parenting books.  How we bombarded the doctor with so many questions and doubts!

Oh how my hormonal changes would make me moody.  Sometimes I would be happy, sometimes cry, sometimes annoyed.  Remember how your dad took all those in stride, he still does.

In the whole 9 months, you transformed a newly-wedded carefree, bindaas couple to caring, concerned parents.

When you were 2 months old, we came home from your Naani’s place and how I was worried and said, “How will I raise him?’  Your dad had reassured me, “Don’t worry, we will be the best parents.”  Till date we are in that process, trying to be good parents to both you and your sister.

You were our first child, our first experience as parents.  Its been 14 years, we are more experienced, less paranoid yet those days are unforgettable which changed us forever and made us parents.

Those are the golden memories you gave us my firstborn.


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