Thank you Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi,

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.”

I was born in an era where was life was simpler.  I was born to simple middle-class parents as their second daughter.  The people around my parents were disappointed on my birth but I am thankful that my parents accepted me with all love and happiness.  They gave me a life and were happy on my birth.  A country where still in the 21st Century a second daughter’s birth is sorrow for many, my parents were happy on my birth.

As I started growing up, I had a very simple life in a small colony where there were limited facilities.  My father worked hard in the mines, in the scorching heat, in the rains, in the chilling winters for us.  My mother slogged neglecting her health taking care of me and my two siblings.  Never did they make us realize how hard they worked or how much trouble they took in raising us and providing us with small happiness of life.  The scooter rides to the market with my father, the warmth of clothes that my mother ironed or the simple rice and fish curry that she made is still fresh after so many years.  I am thankful to you Zindagi for having given me such awesome parents.

How can I forget the bond between me and my siblings.  The fight over petty things, the late night conversations while studying, the sharing of our dreams and sorrows.  Today we might be apart from each other physically but emotionally still close.  Thank you Zindagi for blessing me with such loving siblings.

I am happy that I had very few but genuine friends who understood me.  I had the opportunity of studying under some wonderful and inspirational teachers.  Thanks Zindagi for making them a part of my journey.

I was a shy, introverted, plump and short girl who despite being academically good and a good singer had inhibitions and complexes about herself.  Then like a boon and blessing from somewhere came a tall boy with a disarming smile with whom I met only for 5 minutes and decided to marry.  That decision completely changed my life.  That boy became my husband and I bloomed into a confident self again.  He accepted me with all my flaws and complexes.  I am so very thankful to you Zindagi for such a lovely husband who is my buddy for life.

Life changed and became blissful after my son and daughter made me a mother.  I am thankful Zindagi that you blessed me with two lovely children who bring me immense joy daily.

I would like to thank you Zindagi for bestowing me with good health, food to eat, home to stay, lots of love from everyone.  Today I am able to nurture my dreams again, at this stage of my life thanks to the encouragement and love of so many people in my life.

Love you and thank you Zindagi..

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