A true friend..

Sometimes we learn a lot about pure and expectation-free relationships from children..
My son has a very good friend who is considered to be “naughty” by few teachers. He is a outspoken and bindaas guy. We have met him and he is really a warm and nice guy. Many a times my son has been told by this particular teacher to stay away from him as his “bindaas and outspoken nature” can be a bad influence on my son. But my son has always maintained, and rightly so, that he is a nice guy and his friend.
Last week when my son was down with dengue that “bindaas boy” offered prayer for my son in the church for his well being. This is a small but very touching gesture. When most of the relations are hidden with expectations here a child can really teach us about what friendship is really about.
God bless the child and I am happy that my son is right when it comes to choosing friends. More than the outer behavior he judges the good heart..

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