Rule hai Madam..

Last week went to the clinic with my unwell son. My son’s details were asked and as usual the father’s name was asked. Hmm..a live, worried mother was standing in front of them and still the father’s name was more important. The worried mother in me didn’t have the strength to argue that day.
As my husband always says, keep the middle name space empty in all the forms. No need to fill in the father’s name as the child is an individual entity in itself. Not just the clinic, anywhere in any form the father’s name is mandatory. Not that I have any issues with the father’s love or importance in a child’s life, but can’t either of the parents’ name or both the parents’ name or for that matter no parents’ name be required!! I know if I start a discussion with any staff they will give the ghisa-pita line, “Rule hai madam! Hum kya karein!”
I know few rules have changed here and there but not in a large scale though and most importantly the thought process of people needs a major overhauling..
Time to overhaul some procedures and rules..
#timetochange #bothparentsequalandimportant!

4 thoughts on “Rule hai Madam..

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. And I’m sure you’ve noticed – this doesn’t apply only to children – even adults have to write their father’s name. Or/worse still – husband’s name. ( Eye roll)


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