Dear 16-year-old me…

WOW-Write Over the Weekend

Dear 16-year-old me,

Why are so sad?  You know, I have always heard that 16th year is a magical year of ones life, but I see that you are not at all happy.  May I ask you why?  I see, you are annoyed and feeling dejected because anywhere you go people simply seem to notice your weight and not you, the person.  You had a terrible time adjusting with new people, new school, new city.   You are sad because you haven’t been able to forget the awesome friends from your old school.  You have been bullied in your new school.  Your marks have deteriorated.  You cannot confide many things to your parents as they already have issues of their own.

You have dreams of being a doctor, but somewhere you have a gut feeling that you will not make it because of the change in the board and your deteriorating marks and morale.  You want somebody to listen to you and boost your confidence. You want someone to guide you for the future.

Why have you become so sullen and introverted?  It seems you have left your confident and bubbly self somewhere behind in your old city and school!  You find this new town, home, environment very dull and boring.  You don’t have any friends in your vicinity.  Your parents remain tensed and annoyed due to their personal reasons and don’t bother to listen to your teenage problems or dreams.  The parents are getting older, sometimes unreasonable.  You wish they were more relaxed and less conservative.

You so want to wear jeans and skirt but aren’t allowed.  You so want to listen to latest English songs and watch English movies, the options are limited.  You so want to go out with boys but cannot even dare to dream of it!

Dear me, please dare to chase your dreams.  Be gutsy, be a go-getter.  Simply lamenting won’t help!  If you feel you are overweight, make efforts to lose it rather than pitying yourself.  If you feel, you cannot be a doctor, dare to make a career choice that will make you happy.  Plan your life well.  If you feel you need to talk to your parents, approach them instead of keeping silent.  Sometimes silence isn’t understood!

If you feel you are missing out on fun life because of lack of friends, go out, approach them, talk to them, make the first move rather than waiting for others to approach you.  Let your weight not be a hindrance to your confidence.

Every family has its own set of problems, you need to help if you can or ignore some if you can!  Don’t let them affect you so badly..

Remember dear 16-year-old me you only have one life.  Once the time is gone, its gone forever.  You will never be 16 again.  Twenty years down the line you will regret for not being adventurous, gutsy, happy.  This is the time to shape your life the way you want to.  So, go for it..

Yours lovingly,

Almost 40-year-old…


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