Being Honest..

Happiness is when your teenager wins second position in an essay competition on writing about the topic honesty. Well..many might feel what’s the big deal? Its just another essay competition. My son actually wrote it extempore as he had not prepared for it.
He himself was surprised on securing the second position. The teacher’s comments were, “You wrote it with honesty and simplicity and something that you yourself believe in.” My son said that he didn’t write anything flowery or anything justifying honesty or give lectures about honesty. He wrote that its humanly impossible for any person not to lie. But how much one lies and what consequences he has to face is something that most people overlook. One lie gives rise to many other lies and often the person forgets what was the first lie that he had said!
As parents most of us know that parenting is a very, very challenging task. To impart values as well as allow the kid to make mistakes and be worldly wise is a tough balancing act. Its not that my son has never lied or he will never lie in the future, but as a mother I am proud of the fact that at least he is aware that being honest is something that is ingrained in him. He is a practical guy and will handle many situations tactfully but the basic values will always remain..

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