The Perfect Woman



She talks to herself looking at her reflection in the mirror, admiring herself unabashedly.  She tries out new hairstyles, her silky black hair ditching her at times.  She talks nonstop without getting tired, not bothered whether someone is listening or not.  She comes in the kitchen to help me with my cooking, admiring my culinary skills.

She is effervescent, she is my darling daughter.

I know every mother loves her children unconditionally and for her, her children are the best.  For me, my daughter would be role model when it comes to be being fearless and express herself without any hesitation.  She is still a girl who is growing up, but her approach towards life is what I admire.

As a child or even as an adult, I was shy, introverted, lacked confidence, was dealing with body image issues, hesitated to express myself freely.  I never had the courage or guts to admire my good qualities as I was made to believe that self-appreciation is being pompous!  I was inculcated with the age-old Indian values that girls should not be stubborn, should always be adjusting, should abide by the “society rules.”

When I see my little daughter having the qualms to call a spade a spade, call herself pretty without sounding pompous, talk about any and everything and giving an opinion without being feared of getting judged, shunning the age-old myths that girls are not strong or cannot be at par with boys, I feel proud of her.

She is my daughter, she always appreciates certain qualities of me and wants to emulate them, but in reality despite being my child she teaches me a lot of things.  I have learnt to be more self-appreciating, more “fearless”, laugh aloud without inhibitions, etc.

With all her imperfections, she is the “Perfect Woman” for me.

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