Time to change!

Will a film like Pink really make any difference to the rotten patriarchal mentality? Its not the first film to have highlighted the society’s double standards when it comes to girls/women.
Just yesterday another rape incident happened in Delhi. Many people would have blamed the girls for stepping out of the home after dark, just like they had blamed the late Nirbhaya. Just yesterday read sarcastic and distasteful comment about “a much older” Aishwarya Rai Bachchan romancing a “much younger” Ranbir Kapoor as to how she is being “besharm” and what “sanskar” would she impart to her daughter? Any married hero questioned the same ever??
A family, society puts all the onus on the girls since the time they are born to behave in a certain manner. All the “sanskars” or the “honor” of the family lies with her. Parents would never hesitate to ask their young son whether he has tried a drink or had a tried a cigarette but will any parent ever question or joke with their daughter about the same? It is expected that a “sanskari” girl will not drink, smoke, go out with boys, wear short dresses because if something untoward happens she will be blamed, her “character” will be doubted!
Most of the girls are said to be “intolerant” these days unlike the older generation only because they don’t give in to the biases or tortures silently!
I would be lying if I say some of those “sanskari thoughts” don’t cross my mind. The values imparted from generations take time to change, but at least I am trying to change! It has started from my own son and daughter and I would try my best to bring the changes even when my daughter grows up!
A film alone will not make any drastic changes in the thought process of the people unless people themselves are ready to bring the change.
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