Unplanned happiness..

I have never been much of a planner in my life.  I don’t think or plan for long term.  I know and have been told many times that this is not a good thing to do!  Planning helps one streamline the life and help secure a better future and gives stability in life.

As a student, and a fairly good one at that, I went with the flow in terms of studies without actually planning what was really good for that.  That is one thing I still regret!

I had an arranged marriage.  I met a boy whose earning or properties I didn’t know about or rather didn’t care about, just met him and in an instant something told me that he is the one for me and I took a decision in 5 minutes.  Lo and behold!  Within 6 months we were married and I still cherish that impulsive unplanned decision of mine.  I got to know eventually that my better half was exactly like me, who loves to live at the moment!  It was “Ram milayi jodi”!

I had my son in the first year of my marriage, in a nuclear set-up.  Many people commented that it was too soon, that I still hadn’t settled in my marriage, and wasn’t mature or responsible enough to raise a baby.  Here I am, raising 2 kids now, and have been a fairly good parent (at least I believe so)!  My parenting has also been purely instinctive and unplanned.

There have been instances when me and my husband along with our kids, even when they were toddlers, have taken off for an impromptu unplanned holiday, getaway, or drive in the middle of the night with no planning, even with very little money!

I started writing and blogging also just by chance.  I was working in some other field and had forgotten that I used to write poems as a kid.  Now this newfound passion is an integral part of my life.

Of course, we had our share of reprimands from elders and others who have believed that we are reckless and that we should be more “mature” and “not impulsive”.  May be these constant jibes, our age and “maturity”, responsibilities have mellowed us down a lot.  We are a lot less impulsive than we were before though still that trait remains in us!  Now we both “try to think and plan”, a trait which is not so us!

Sometimes unplanned things in life give us memories, immense joy.  I miss that many a times.

Waiting to be embark upon another unplanned adventure with my family soon!  After all, “hum nahin sudhrenge”!


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