I am blogging about my dreams and passions for the Club Mahindra#DreamTrails activity at BlogAdda. You can get a Club Mahindra Membership to own your holidays!

There are so many places in the world and in India that fascinate me that I haven’t visited. One such place which I dream of visiting is Italy.  A place which has made pizzas and pastas famous, the beautiful locales which are worth exploring.  A country which is an amalgamation of old world charm and new trends!

I want to explore Rome, the city which has so much history and mystery!  I want to be with my loved one in the Gondola in Venice-the city of romance!  Exploring Coliseum in Rome, Grand Canal in Rialtine Islands, and the treasures of Florence and Naples is a dream of mine since so many days..

Its a country with beautiful coastlines where I want to enjoy the awesome local cuisine and wine and chill in the beaches.  Who doesn’t want to visit the picturesque island of Sicily..ah that’s a dream!

Italy is also full of festivals.  If I have the chance and time I would like to enjoy their vivid festivals.  Talking about food..its much more than the pastas and pizzas.  I would love to taste the authentic Italian cuisine and learn the tips and tricks to make some awesome stuff from the local people.

Instead of staying in 5-star hotels I would want to bagpack and stay with the local people to enjoy their colorful ambiance and life..

Lastly, Italian men!  Haha..want to drool over them..

Wish this dream of mine simply doesn’t remain a dream and I am fortunate enough to soak the sun, enjoy the wild life, the beaches, the ancient culture, the romance, the awesome food, the people.  Want to enjoy the festivities with the beautiful Italian people and cherish those lovely memories forever..


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