As I grow mature..

I have an honest confession to make.  I have always liked staying in nuclear families as I thought it gives me much more freedom to do things the way I want to do.  I am not answerable to anyone.  I have no one to point out that I am wrong. I can dress the way I want to, speak the way I wish to, etc., etc.

But I can see a change in myself now, may be because I am getting older and my children younger.  I feel this too much of “my life, your life” is not actually healthy.  It makes one selfish to an extent.  May be I was raised in a nuclear family devoid of grandparents around me or post marriage my in-laws or parents not staying close by has somewhere generated this thought process in me now.  May be somewhere it was ingrained that staying distant brings more love!

Of course, staying close or jointly only works when people live in harmony and respect each others privacy and space.  If daily spats become a way of life then there is no point in staying together or close.

But can’t things be worked out for betterment?  Somewhere everyone is lonely in their space.  The cohabitation of parents, grandparents, grandchildren happily is a rarity now.  Why has it become so?  The difference of opinions and generation gap have overpowered the love and understanding may be.  Nobody is ready to budge.

Rather than staying alone and lonely, everyone would have stayed in peace, love, and care.  But may be I am dreaming or expecting a bit too much..

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