Wish life was as we wanted it to be

My son is an avid footballer. He is very passionate about the sport. At the same time, he also worries about his future as to what he would be! I keep on telling him not to worry so much, just try to balance things to the best of his ability.

When I was a teenager, I was passionate about singing; my husband in his school days was an avid sportsperson. But over the years with responsibilities of career and family those passions have taken a backseat. I simply wonder the things that we are passionate about in our growing-up years are somehow lost in the daily grind of life. Now when I see my son’s passion about football, I feel it shouldn’t get diluted in the grind of life 20 years from now. I am sure everyone is not fortunate enough to pursue their passion; those who could do this are really fortunate.

Wish life was as we wanted it to be…

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