“How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth”


Every parent right from the day a child is born is worried about his/her milestones, growth, and development.  Not all children are the same; some achieve growth and milestones faster than the other children.  Genes and nutrition play an important role in the growth of the children.  Though one can’t do anything about genes, in terms of height or sometimes the body frame, but definitely nutrition cannot be overlooked.  But many a times kids are fussy eaters and feeding them daily meals becomes a big task for the parents.  Somewhere the growth is hampered sometimes due to lack of proper nourishment.  Children don’t just develop physically, they also grow mentally and emotionally each day.  A fit body gives rise to a fit mind.  Hence it is very important that the child catches up on his/her growth.

Children are bundle of energy who do various activities from morning till night.  They need a lot of nourishment and nutrition as multiple new cells are forming everyday in their body and they need loads of energy for playing, studying, doing “masti”, having fun with friends, learning new things, simply running around, and so on.

Along with that their active brain also needs nourishment.  Their little brain is busy learning, thinking..

Children who lack proper growth lag behind their peers in terms of physical activity, mental capabilities, are more lethargic and tired, are more prone to being irritable and distracted.

So, in my opinion as a mother of 2 growing-up kids, it is very important that the kids catch up on their lost growth so that they enjoy life to the fullest without falling ill often, having great immunity, fit and strong body, think and analyze a lot, and enjoy their childhood to the fullest.  A proper diet, good exercise, and a supplement can work wonders!

After all, our children are our future and a strong and active child will become an active adult..



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