Bring up the boys well..

One of my son’s classmates passed a derogatory remark about a girl, their classmate and my son’s friend. My son was totally aghast and reprimanded the boy for not respecting the girl’s dignity. My son says that that particular boy always passes lewd remarks about other girls and that really annoys and angers my son.
Why does that happen? Has it got something to do with the upbringing..of course yes. No boy learns good and bad from the womb. He needs to be taught about respecting a girl from a very, very young age. The parents can do that both by setting an example, especially the father, and constantly communicating with the child. Still Indian families teach most of the “values” to their daughters and forget to impart the basic value of respect to their sons. The respect is for every human being, not just the girls.
Me or my husband are not doing a “great job” by raising our son well. This is how it should be. Tomorrow I would want a boy to defend my daughter’s dignity when the need arises and that’s how it should be..

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