Sairat-the new sensation..

After reading some wonderful reviews and looking at the tremendous popularity in just a few days, I decided to watch the now-famous Marathi movie Sairat. A sweet, simple love story with relatable characters, mindblowing songs, and a social message about casteism. It’s not that movies haven’t been made on this theme before, but may the relatability factor caught on with the masses. Still in the 21st Century casteism overpowers love. Still its the mindset, even of the educated people, that “honor” is more important than allowing two people to lead a loving life with each other who are compatible.
Also would mention here how destiny changes overnight. The affable male lead Akash Thosar was a local wrestler trying to help his family financially and the female lead Rinku Rajguru a student from a small unknown village. Now both are much sought after, much loved. Just one decision “Sairat” changed their lives forever..

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